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GSM FCT with inbuilt antenna for Mobile Signal Boosters Kumaar


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Product details : Brand : Authentic, Model : GSMFCTGT1, GSM FCT all SIM card working- unlock, Best voice clarity, connect regular telephone instrument or connect with PBX, Best option of landline, wireless device, less cabling, Inbuilt antenna, 1 year warranty

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The FCT (Fixed Cellular Terminal) is microcontroller based equipment interfaced to an ordinary pots telephone to transmit voice and data using the GSM network. The FCT is PBX compatible with (trunk line) in most analogue and Digital PBXs in the market. This together with the Built in battery charger and optional battery guarantees access to network services every time you use it.

  • An unbelievable low price with LCD Display FCT
  • Compatible to all PCO billing machines, with line reversal facility
  • 24hr Battery Backup Option / Signal Strength Meter / GPRS for Internet / Battery Charger / Volume Control / LCD Timer

Key functions :-

The key functions of the Terminal are list as below:

  • Multicolor backlight display (e.g.: blue, green)
  • Can dial the local calls, mobile calls, international calls and special free calls
  • Supports modem mode
  • No need to dial area code when calling local numbers
  • Automatically connects to IP network when dialing long distance(optional)
  • Automatic card-locking and netwok -locking enable
  • Caller ID display, time and date display, the power supply of battery can display at the same time on the LCD
  • Cost rate setting enable

Rating : 9V

Immediate call

Easy to install, easy to use.

Compatible with traditions; keyboards and cordless telephones

GSM FCT which can be used with any GSM SIM of any network in India.

Used for converting GSM sim to analog line, use full where there no fixed line scenario

  • 2 RJ11 port
  • Can connect with EPABX
  • Can use for PCO booth
  • For Office/Home/Shop/Factory use.
  • Works very good in low signal areas.
  • Service Providers: GSM operators can increase their revenue by replacing existing analog lines with BELIFAL FCT1 and offer customers to switch to their GSM network.
  • Offices: BELIFAL FCT1 helps in reducing company’s telecommunication cost up to 30%. By connecting BELIFAL to the existing PBX, all calls made to the mobile phones will be routed through BELIFAL FCT1.
  • Payphones (PCO): BELIFAL FCT1 can be connected to a payphone thus allowing it to be used anywhere within GSM coverage area. It provides Battery Polarity Reversal on its FXS port to activate the payphone metering mechanism.


SIM Card : One SIM, Connection : RJ11, GSM Band : Quad Band: GSM850, EGSM900 DCS1800, PCS1900 Tri Band: WCDMA 850/1900/2100 MHz,

SIM Interface : 1.8V, 3V,

Input : 12VDC @1.25A Through External Adaptor (90- 265VAC, 47-65Hz),

 Power Consumption : 5W (Typical),

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