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4G 2300MHz TDD-LTE Booster For JIO


4G TDD-LTE 2300MHz Repeater Installations

Mount external aerial antenna in outdoors and make sure it points to the strongest signal sources. Connect outdoor antenna to “BTS” port on the repeater by coaxial cable. Install the indoor whip antenna on “mobile” port of the repeater and plug in the power adapter.

* The functional coverage area depends on the input signal strength.

* Outdoor antenna and coaxial cable need to buy separately.


4G 1800MHz/2300MHz TDD-LTE cellular repeater designed for boosting your 4G 2300MHz TDD-LTE signal and improve your data speed service!
The 1800MHz/2300MHz TDD-LTE 4G signal repeater was designed to solve the signal blind problem and improve the signal coverage. With dedicated 2300MHz filters and patented TDD-LTE time slot detecting technology, the 4G signal repeater helps you to extend 4G 2300MHz signal coverage up to 500 square meters in the indoor areas of India.

4G is a lately released TDD-LTE 4G repeater works on 2300MHz 4G band 40. With fully comply with 4G band 40 spectrum 1800MHz/2300MHz, together with 20dBm pro power and 59dB gain, it supplies affordable and effective full-band signal coverage solution on the band 40 TDD-LTE mobile phone networks.

The 4G TDD-LTE signal repeater can output 20dBm power with max 59dB gain. The defined coverage is 500 square meters and supports up to 10 simultaneous users. It’s ideal for both of home and office/business use.

VoLTE function is supported in our 4G 2300MHz TDD-LTE signal repeater. You can enjoy superior HD video and voice calls over the 4G LTE network if your mobile operator and your smartphone support VoLTE service.

4G TDD-LTE 2300MHz Repeater Features

  • 1800MHz/2300MHz 4G Band 40 TDD-LTE Signal Repeater
  • Full-band boosting technology covers 100MHz bandwidth
  • Supports all cellular enabled smartphones, tablets, data cart, etc
  • Reduce drop calls, improve voice quality and 4G internet speed
  • Enjoy HD voice and video calls with VoLTE service
  • Coverage is up to 500 sqm

4G TDD-LTE 1800MHz/2300MHz Repeater Package Includes

  • 1 x Band 40 4G TDD-LTE Signal Repeater
  • 1 x Panel Antenna
  • 1 x Panel Antenna w/3M Cable
  • 1 x 10M Signal Cable
  • 1 x UK Power Supply

Kindly check the frequency in your city with respect to network

Band 3 = 1800MHz
Band 40 = 2300MHz



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