3g gsm mobile phone booster installed

Problem : this costomer had just shifted into the office but has his office was situated among several builing there the quality of the signal was bad, there for they could not speak clearly on there mobile phone. there for since mobile communication essencial for bussiness purpose they search on google and found our website www.belifal.com and found the right solution to the there problems from our company Antena e-mobile solutions which is oldest compny in india founded in 1998

3g gsm mobile phone booster amplifier repeater installed today at kalachowki worli mumbai.for small office by belifal.com

economic price for Rs. 17,000/

3g gsm mobile gsm signal booster amplifier repeater installed at mumbai

3g gsm mobile gsm signal booster amplifier repeater installed at mumbai hughes road at jeweller showroom to cover basement area of 2000 sq feet at jweller showroom

solar street garden lights installed in ratnagiri Sangmeshwar Ratangiri

Belifal has installed 3 new solar street lights at a farmhouse farmland where there are over 200 mango trees to add safety and security at night with dusk to dawn function. these lights are Made in india mumbai by www.belifal.com

3g mobile signal booster repeater amplifier

installed for a small office cabin at goregaon mumbai by antena e-mobile solutions. this booster works on 2100mhz frequency and works for all mobile phone networks inclusing vodafone airtel idea mtnl but cannot work for reliance jio as 4g frequency is on 2300mhz LTE but even if 4g mobile phone is set on 4g/3g/wcdma it will catch signals automatically on the 3g network booster.