Fixed Cellular Terminals
Is the cost of desk-to-mobile calls a problem for your company?
Would you like to save at least 30% on ISD and up to 50% on STD Mobile CALL Costs?

The Fixed Cellular Terminal PBX Connectivity Terminals offer a simple, cost-saving solution for utilizing the benefits of GSM through your landline phones. The FCT is a simple, cost-saving solution, which serves as a gateway between a GSM network and a company's private branch exchange (PBX).

The FCT can route incoming and out going calls via the mobile telephone network, providing a cost effective alternative for fixed-to-mobile or mobile-to-fixed telephone calls. Not only do you save in landline-to-GSM charges, but you can also exploit GSM features in your landline environment.

fixed cellular terminal
  • Slash your GSM -targeted call costs.
  • Make the most of GSM features and services.
  • Avoid delay and expense of landline installation.
  • Easy to install, configure, and maintain.

    The Fixed Cellular terminal serves as a gateway between a GSM network and your company's private branch exchange. The Fixed Cellular Terminal can be connected to either the trunk or extension connector of a PBX, allowing for its use on the analog extension of an ISDN PBX or with analog PBXs. The PBX can be configured to automatically use a trunk-connected FCT with mobile-targeted calls. The system capitalizes on discounts of cellular tariffs, compared to the DOT on long distance calls. The system accesses the cheapest available route for the out going call from the database that is allowed through the system.

    There are varied applications where in the utilities of the system can be applied.

    fixed cellular terminal
    Applications:Cheaper calls between
  • Office <--> Office.
  • Office <--> Godowns.
  • Office <--> Branches.
  • Office <--> Customers.

  • Following are the cost saving benefits that can be capitalized using Fixed Cellular Terminal on the Epabx FOR Outbound STD/ISD CALLS:


    1.For all outgoing calls to any mobile number of India (except BSNL) a flat rate of Rs. 1.99 is offered therefore if 5000 minutes of calls are made to all India mobile numbers i.e. 098 series per month the STD bill would amount to average of over Rs. 20,000/- per month as against the same would be under < Rs. 10,000 using the FCT system connected to the EPABX.THIS CAN RESULT IN COST SAVING OF 50% on ALL STD call cost to any mobile number of India.

    2.For All ISD call the rate is Rs. 24-30 to any country of the world whereby assuming 1000 minutes of ISD call the bill would be Rs. 24000-30000 as against the same can be Rs. 15999 effecting a saving of over 33% on ISD CALL COSTS!


    Following are the cost saving benefits that can be capitalized using Fixed Cellular Terminal on the Epabx for CUG:

    1.Whenever any outbound calls are made from the any corporate office from the desk phone to any BPL MOBILE CUG Subscriber the call will be routed through the FCT unit connected to the EPABX whereby your company does not incur a cost of a single paise instead of Re 1 that would have been the cost per minute. We estimate a call traffic of at least 400-500 minute daily thereby saving Rs. 400-500 per day i.e. Rs. 10,000 -12,000 per month.


    2. Similarly in the Inbound call traffic scenario whenever any MOBILE CUG customer is not in the office and wants to speak to any employee without the CUG mobile he/she simply dials the Designated MOBILE CUG no. of the co. which will ring on the EPABX and further can any extension can be reached through the IVR whereby instead of Paying Rs. 1.80 per minute for the outgoing call your company incurs no charge at all ; not a single naya paisa as it will be a MOBILE CUG to CUG MOBILE CALL. We estimate huge savings here with Inbound call traffic of 500 minutes from multiple CUG callers; the company can save at least Rs.800 per day i.e. Rs. 16,000 per month.


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